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Programmable Thermostat Customization

Enhance the comfort, convenience, and efficiency of your HVAC system with a programmable thermostat from ACE AIR ETC., INC., of LaGrange, Georgia. This technology allows you to schedule, control, and regulate the pre-set temperature levels throughout your home.

Energy Saving Optimization

With programmable thermostats, you're able to regulate the climate of your home around your schedule. This allows you to cut down on energy costs by limiting your consumption while you're at work or away from the home. Not only that, but you can maximize your comfort by having your system activate a half-hour before you arrive home, allowing you to enter a pristine, climate controlled house.
Thermostat - Programmable Thermostat

Personalized Comfort Control

Our programmable thermostats offer a variety of programming choices, including a full seven-day programming capability. This means you can set up different temperature schedules for every day of the week. Whether you work a typical 9–5 schedule or work late into the night, you can set your system up around your schedule. In addition, the program can be easily overridden whenever desired. Call us for a free estimate on a programmable thermostat!

Contact us today to ditch your manual thermostat and experience the benefits of precise temperature management.