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Comfort Efficiency HVAC Maintenance Agreements

Save on expensive system repair and replacement cost by investing in preventive HVAC maintenance plans from ACE AIR ETC., INC., located in LaGrange, Georgia. When you sign up for one of our maintenance plans, you get peace of mind knowing that our team of HVAC professionals are working to maximize the lifespan and efficiency of your system.
Like your car and other major mechanical equipment, your HVAC system requires routine service. In fact,
most manufacturers require proof of annual HVAC System maintenance in order for your warranty claims
to be honored.

Bi-Annual Check-Ups

Sign up today to prevent costly repairs before they happen. When you do, our service professionals will visit your location twice a year to perform a comprehensive check-up. We come once during the spring to make sure your AC is ready to keep you cool throughout the summer, as well as again in the fall to get your heating system primed for the winter months. Not only that, but you’ll also receive preferred service options, such as no overtime charges for holidays or after-hour calls, and convenient same-day-service.

AC Fan - HVAC Maintenance

AC or Heat Pump Spring Check-up Includes Servicing of All:

• Drains
• Ductwork
• Emergency Heat
• Filters
• Indoor Coils
• Indoor Electrical
• Indoor Motors
• Outdoor Coils
• Outdoor Electrical/Defrost Cycle
• Outdoor Motors
• Pressures
• Sub Cooling

• Superheat
• Thermostats
• Change in Temp
• Return Air Temp
• Supply Air Temp

Furnace Fall Check-up Includes Servicing of All:

• Blower Motors
• Burners
• Carbon Monoxide Test
• Draft Motors
• Ductwork
• Filters
• Flame Sensors
• Flue Pipes
• Heat Exchangers
• High Limit
• Humidifiers
• Ignitions
• Rollout Switches
• Thermocouple
• Thermostats
• Wiring

Contact us to lower your utility bills by taking advantage of our regular maintenance plans.